The Prodigal Sub Returns

i’ve been a brat to the point that Sir gave up on me. Not our relationship, but my role as His submissive. It breaks my heart to think i was such a pain in the ass that Sir just threw His hands up and walked away from the D/s aspect of our relationship. i will say this much, it had a very negative impact on us. i don’t think either of us realized the wholeness that these roles bring to our lives.

After a lot of talking about a number of things, i asked Him to be my Sir again. i think we are still in a time of consideration, but i can tell you i already feel so much better. i can’t stop being a brat completely. It’s who i am. But, i am fully expecting to be punished for any bratty behavior and the consequences are completely in His hands. You bet your ass i’ll be writing about the first time He blisters my ass for talking back or not doing something i’ve been told to do. i can’t wait. i’m terrified, but i can’t wait.

Thank you to all my readers who have stuck around and waited patiently for my return and welcome to any new readers i have. i welcome comments and positive conversation on my posts. Please, don’t be shy!


4 comments on “The Prodigal Sub Returns

  1. phoenixasubbie says:

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Good luck .. And especially your backside if you tend toward brattiness .. But that does sound fulfilling and for me – consequences and structure are incredibly important.

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