Movie Night With Friends

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went to a dinner party/movie night at a dear friend’s house and it was amazing. Because of finances, Sir and I haven’t been able to get out to munches and such, so our social time with our friends has been really minimal over the past few months. Really, everyone has been so busy with life that none of us has even really been talking, so my friend and her Sir decided to host a dinner and movie party. We ate wonderful food, watched Quills, and observed a demonstration of fire play and cupping. This little excursion was really important on so many levels: 1) It got Sir and me out of the house, 2) Sir got to see a movie He had never seen before and I’m pretty sure He liked it, 3) It re-ignited the spark for the play aspect of our relationship.

I wasn’t sure how Sir would enjoy the movie, but because we were watching it with friends who are a part of the lifestyle and “get it,” we had a blast, laughing at the right moments, commenting on aspects to which we related, and even those moments that struck a chord. If you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. You’ll feel an array of emotions and in spite of some things that I think may have been done better, the performances are great and it’s good overall. The best part of it all is the quiet look of recognition shared between Sir and me when something is said or done to which we can relate.

After the movie, we saw my friend lit on fire. I know it sounds dangerous and really, in the wrong hands, it is very dangerous, but it’s something that some day, I hope Sir learns and is able to do to me. It’s hard to explain in writing, but essentially my friend’s Sir used two fire wands, both are saturated with 70% alcohol. One is lit on fire and the other is used to swab alcohol to the skin. Once there is a nice trail of alcohol, the other wand is quickly touched to it and it catches fire. It typically burns really fast and the “top” then quickly runs his/her hand over it, just to make sure it’s out and to rub any liquid left behind. It was fascinating to watch and someday, I will experience it. 🙂

The next demonstration was fire cupping. Using the same fire wands, the inside of a small glass cup is swabbed with alcohol and then lit on fire. It is quickly placed on the skin. The heat from the fire creates a vacuum and literally sucks the skin. Definitely something I want to do. (If you do a search for fire cupping, a lot of information comes up about technique as well as the history. It’s really interesting.)

They also demonstrated blood cupping which is a variation on fire cupping. The same technique is used with the fire and the cup. The difference is that a small wound (a simple scratch on the skin) is made and the cup is placed over the wound. The suction caused by the fire cupping draws blood out of the wound. For anyone into blood play, this is a definite must do/see. I’m not sure I will ever try it, but it was really interesting to see.

Just being around our friends, with whom we have this lifestyle in common, brought back a fire that’s been missing for a while. It felt good to serve Him at the party and to sit at his feet while watching the movie. All of this led to an amazing play session the next day that I will share in another post. All I have to say is for the first time I found myself deep in my subspace and oh how I want to go there again!