I’m sorry…

Those are words I hate to have to say, but will say them when needed. No one wants to admit to being wrong or letting someone down. I feel like I should apologize to you, my readers, for leaving you in a lurch. I know some of you have grown fond of my writing and out of no where, I just stopped. It’s time to start writing again, not only for you, but also for me. I tend to feel more complete when I spend time writing each day. I also find that when I’m writing, I look for the good things in life to share with y’all.

In all honesty, life has been dull lately, but even in the dullness, there have been little kernels of excitement. I’m going to make it my mission to bring those little moments to you. Even if it’s just a short little blurb…I’m going to share.

Thank you for hanging in there and I promise to do better!


3 comments on “I’m sorry…

  1. littlekaninchen says:

    Welcome back! Where have you been?

    • His sweet says:

      Where have I been? Hmmm…good question. I’ve been in a rut, both creatively and emotionally. The two may be connected or maybe not, but I’ve come to realize that I have had a few exciting things happening in my life and it’s time to share again. I’m going to start setting some goals for myself to write more and not just journaling. I have a plethora of ideas mulling around in my head. It’s time to get them out on paper too…well on the screen anyway. It’s interesting because my writing bug found its way back due to church. HAHA I’m serious though. The most recent piece I wrote was about my journey as a Christian. It’s not finished yet and I’m not sure I will be posting it here, but it got me back into writing. Anyway, to answer your question: I’ve been here, just buried deep beneath a pile of self-doubt and writer’s block.

      Thanks for the welcome back!

      • littlekaninchen says:

        Well Spring time is a great time to be inspired and start anew! I’m happy you’re back.

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