Connected Mind, Body, and Spirit

Sir and i have been living a very vanilla life as of late. It’s actually ok, but i am really missing the discipline aspect to our relationship. Since our dynamic is very much 24/7, my submission and His dominance are present throughout the day regardless of any bedroom play, but life has a habit of happening and short of a few playful swats now and again, i haven’t had a proper punishment in some time. It’s something that we both miss and maybe it’s been a trial run for this summer when His son is here visiting, but i think that since we will have to go roughly 2 months without playing or even punishment, i need a good fix and i need it soon.

That’s not what this post is about though. Yeah, i do that sometimes…just write what i’m thinking without really thinking. 🙂 Sir and i have some amazing sex and there are times when the sex is so good and we are so connected that i think, “Surely we will never top this experience.” It’s true. No two sexual experiences are the same with us. i think it’s part of why we are so into each other physically. Even our quickies vary. Sure we have a morning ritual…it’s how He wakes me up and motivates me to do my morning chores. If we have to forego our morning fuck…well my whole day is just out of whack. i would venture a guess and say the same is probably true for Him as well.

The point is, every time we make love, fuck like bunnies, or whatever you want to call it…it’s different. But there are those times that transcend the others and it becomes a truly spiritual experience. I know with some effort, it’s possible to have that most of the time, but I kinda like it when i’m surprised by them, like the other night. It was actually this experience that kicked me in the ass about my writing. i realized that i usually write about those kinds of encounters and i wasn’t about to let this one go. It’s been a few days, so the details are maybe a bit sketchy, but the intent is still there and i’m hoping you enjoy reading about it as much as i enjoyed living it.

The night ended just like any other night with us turning off the TV and going to bed. Sometimes when we get there, we are both so tired, that we might do a last minute check of email and facebook, but soon we are both snoring. This started off that way, but i wasn’t really tired yet and apparently neither was He because we were both playing games on our phone. After a few minutes, He turned off His light and turned toward me, so i put my phone down and settled into His arms. i absolutely love cuddling with Sir. There’s something about being wrapped in His arms that reminds me i’m safe and how much He loves me. Sometimes in these quiet moments something happens and our hearts connect…our spirits connect…everything just aligns perfectly and we’re no longer thinking, just doing.

i kissed His chest and moved up His neck. Then my lips were on His and we kissed deeply. Immediately i felt warmer and my heart raced as our kiss grew more passionate. As He rolled over on top of me, i knew in that moment we were making love. i love rough sex and so does He, but sometimes harder isn’t better. This was one of those times. He spread my legs and pressed the head of His cock against my opening. As i opened up and let Him in, i could feel Him rub every ridge…every sensitive place inside of me and i moaned softly. From then on it was just so rhythmic as our bodies worked together, moving in perfect tempo and our hearts seeming to beat in sync.

Time stood still for us. i can’t tell you how long we were there, but our bodies truly blended. It was like you couldn’t tell where He ended and i began because this time it wasn’t about His dominance over me, but about our oneness as a couple. His hips moving in just the perfect thrusting motion and mine meeting His driving Him deeper. His pelvic bone pressed and rubbed against my clit as His cock massaged every ridge. Every nerve in my body was present and sensitive. He is the only one who has ever awoken the sensitivity inside. i though vaginal orgasms were things of myth before Him, but this night was even more intense than any other time.

Sweaty bodies pressed against each other. Our hips rolling into each other. As the pressure of intense pleasure built, i could feel my first orgasm approaching. Sir knew as well and it was then He picked up the pace of His thrusts, pushing me over the edge with an explosion of ecstasy making me scream out and press my hips up into Him. As the roll of my orgasm subsided, He slowed again and we continued in our rhythm, but the rolling pleasure had already started, so my next one wasn’t far behind. As i came again, i could tell He was getting close too and that just made it all more intense.

Sometimes i can control my moans and stifle my screams, but sometimes i cannot. This was one of those times i couldn’t  At first i was screaming, “Oh God, Sir! Oh!!” and so on, but soon i was screaming His first name. Let’s just put it this way…i scream so loud that i wouldn’t be surprised if one day we found a note on our door from a neighbor that said, “Way to go, B!”

As my third and final orgasm for the night approached, i made every effort to match Sir. i knew He was close. i could tell from His breathing and the quickening of his rhythm. We both lost our ability to speak English, or any coherent language for that matter, and soon our room was filled with grunts and moans as He drove His cock deeper inside of me. Just as i couldn’t hold on anymore and felt myself explode again, He too thrust as hard as He could and yelled in absolute pleasure as He came. Our loud moans filled the room and probably the building as we came together. Lost in that moment, our bodies still pressed tightly against each other, i looked up at Him and said, “i love you, Sir.” He whispered, out of breath, “I love you too, sweet,” and we kissed.

He collapsed on top of me and as i lay there catching my breath, my entire body tingled as the intensity of what just happened emanated from my core. Every sense heightened for just a moment and i really felt like He and i had merged into one during that encounter. As He rolled over and i positioned myself back in His arms, i commented, “That was awesome,” and i kissed His chest.

Sometimes sex is just sex even when it’s great sex, but sometimes we are surprised by sex as a spiritual experience. It’s those times that i love and it’s those times that i know Sir and i are meant to be together because He is the first person to connect with my spirit in any way.

This particular encounter was so powerful for us, we still talk about it…


I’m sorry…

Those are words I hate to have to say, but will say them when needed. No one wants to admit to being wrong or letting someone down. I feel like I should apologize to you, my readers, for leaving you in a lurch. I know some of you have grown fond of my writing and out of no where, I just stopped. It’s time to start writing again, not only for you, but also for me. I tend to feel more complete when I spend time writing each day. I also find that when I’m writing, I look for the good things in life to share with y’all.

In all honesty, life has been dull lately, but even in the dullness, there have been little kernels of excitement. I’m going to make it my mission to bring those little moments to you. Even if it’s just a short little blurb…I’m going to share.

Thank you for hanging in there and I promise to do better!