I’m Back…I Think

I know it has been far too long since I’ve posted anything. Hell, it’s been far too long since I’ve written anything at all. I was going through a slump and then I got really sick with a sinus infection and with the holidays, writing just wasn’t a priority. Now that I’m back, both mentally and physically, I should be writing more and thus posting more.

The holidays were good. Sir took me with Him to Buffalo to meet His family. Of course they don’t know about our dynamic, but I am His girlfriend and it was either go with Him or be home alone since my family is too far away. I think He wanted His family to meet me anyway, otherwise He wouldn’t have wanted to take me and that makes me smile. It was a fairly typical family Christmas and we had a lot of fun while there.

Of course, it is Buffalo, NY, and we all know it is cold there during the winter. It snowed a little Christmas Eve and there was already a little snow on the ground, so I had my first legitimate white Christmas. The day after Christmas was when it came down hard. A winter storm came through in the afternoon and dumped so much snow on the ground. Now I will say this: I am not a fan of living where it snows a lot, but it was absolutely beautiful and if I hadn’t been so damn sick with a sinus infection, I might have actually really enjoyed it.

I don’t know. The holidays were the holidays. His family is really great. I think they like me, but of course I don’t think they would ever treat me poorly to my face. He seems to think they like me, though His mom did have a chance to give Him a 3rd degree questioning about me and she asked Him a bunch of questions about what I do for a living, etc…etc. He couldn’t very well tell her, “Mom, she is my house sub and takes care of the house and me…in all ways.” Of course, Sir and I do talk about me getting a job quite frequently. It always scares me though because I know how I am when I work and it will affect my ability to serve Him.

Anyway, I know this is probably a little disjointed, but I realized I needed to get something up here soon and I need to get back in the habit of writing. Tomorrow I think I might talk about New Year’s Resolutions…or the lack thereof.


One comment on “I’m Back…I Think

  1. You know what I liked about your post? You’re real… Real circumstances and real life. Keep writing! Feel better! 🐇🐇🐇Little Kaninchen
    The Bedroom Submissive

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