A Little Holiday Cheer

I’ve not been doing much writing as of late. I have a lot of fleeting thoughts that just won’t seem to make the journey from my brain to the page. In addition I’ve found myself busy over the last few days. I have some thoughts for posts in the near future and perhaps that’s what I will do on the days I can’t seem to make my words string together in coherent thoughts…I’ll just post thoughts.

Anyway, this little diddy came as the result of a few of my friends re-writing some classic carols with lyrics befitting of our life style. I call mine “Spanking Wonderland” and it’s to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” I hope you enjoy it!

Spanking Wonderland

Subbie screams, are you listening
On her skin, sweat is glistening
Maniacal laugh as He whips her ass
Playing in a spanking wonderland

Tie her down to the table
Making sure it’s nice and stable
Watching her squirm as you spank nice and firm
Playing in a spanking wonderland

In the dungeon we can have a party
And we’ll share the fun with all our friends
If you’re kinky and you like to party
Then come and play until the evening ends

Asses red from their spankings
Now we’re done with our playing
It’s time to collapse and finally relax
Playing in a spanking wonderland


2 comments on “A Little Holiday Cheer

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    I love, love, LOVE this!!!

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