Sometimes Vanilla is Good

This is a cross post from another site. I just thought some of my readers might enjoy it.

What I love about vanilla is you can always add toppings to make it more interesting.

The fact that we like to play with pain and indulge in stuff not of the “norm” signifies that Sir and I are not vanilla by vanilla standards, but we ARE most definitely more like a sundae…a hot fudge sundae with nuts and whipped cream and a cherry on top to be exact. You can’t have a true hot fudge sundae without the vanilla ice cream, though. Without it, the other stuff would be too overpowering and, in my opinion, the sundae wouldn’t be that good.

Last Sunday was a good day. No. It was a great day. We started early and came home late. Part of our day consisted of a drive out to Fredricksburg where we walked up and down Main Street window shopping and just enjoying each other’s company. On our way home we stopped off at a winery and did a wine tasting and then sat out on their patio to have a glass of wine as we enjoyed the beautiful weather just before sunset.

The whole excursion was extremely vanilla and I loved it. The hot fudge streak that runs through my core was constantly finding the naughty things hidden in the world of the mundane though. We were window shopping in a kitchen store and there was an ice tray for those cylinders of ice that you can put in your water bottles. Well…I love ice play and my dirty little mind immediately went there and I showed Sir. He just shook His head and said, “You behave.” M bottom lip came out and I play pouted because it’s what I do! Then it was His turn as we rounded the corner into the “Room o’ Knives.” Sir’s eyes lit up and the evil laugh that sometimes scares the piss out of me boiled up in his chest. I let the shiver run down my spine then  grinned and said, “Sir, if I have to behave so do you.” He just smiled and we continued on our way.

We have definitely fallen too far down the rabbit hole at this point and I’m certain we will never be able to go back to being “just vanilla,” but sometimes the vanilla days are some of the best ones we have. Those are the times that we grow closer as a couple. And sometimes, those are the times when being “naughty” is more fun and risky because someone might catch us!


2 comments on “Sometimes Vanilla is Good

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    He and I used to say that vanilla would be our kink…since “kink” felt so normal and natural for us…yay for vanilla and hot fudge sundaes, and any other ice cream analogies you’d like to make…mmmm, ice cream…what were we talking about again? 😉

  2. Faile says:

    I love the everyday, comfortable parts of my relationships and I love that as a backdrop which the kink fits seamlessly into. It’s a nice way to be.

    Faile x

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