Disobedience and Consequences

i’m not sure if I have ever tried to describe my relationship with Sir and if i haven’t it’s simply because it’s difficult to put our dynamic into words. There are so many different labels in the community for the different types of Dom/mes and subs. We don’t see ourselves pigeonholed in one category, but depending on our mood and needs or what needs to be done around the home is what role we take on. The best way to describe us is how I have in the past. We are simply put, Dominant/submissive, but i am also His pet, lover, baby girl, occasional slave, always a brat, and sometimes i Switch for Him (only when He wants it though). The key here is that 99% of the time i am in the submissive role and the other 1% of the time only ever happens in the bedroom when He specifically requests to be dominated.

All of this to say, i do what He says when He says it…usually. i respect His decisions and course of action for us, not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of our relationship and my job is to please Him through everything i do, be it in the kitchen, doing laundry, cleaning the house, or by providing my body to Him for His use, however, i do have a voice and i can resist…if there is good reason. In most cases, i don’t resist Him because His happiness is my happiness and i know doing as He says pleases Him. Unfortunately, my bratty side has a habit of taking over and that part of me ultimately gets me in trouble.

The other night i was texting back and forth with my 18 year-old cousin who just eloped. i knew it was coming because she is rebelling something fierce, but the two of them seem to really be in love and that’s great. i wanted to talk to her before she got married, but that didn’t happen, so i took a moment to just ask a few questions that i wish someone had asked me 18 years ago when my soon-to-be ex and I got engaged: “Will you do anything for him if he asks it of you? Will you listen to him even if it’s something you don’t want to do? Do you trust him to take care of you and make decisions with your input but ultimately giving him the authority to do what he feels is best for both of you?” (i know this dynamic doesn’t work for everyone, but i’ve found that it is more the norm than any other and what i know of her, she is a lot like me: submissive by nature, but a total brat and rebel.)

No one ever asked me those questions. They may not have made a difference because i was young and dumb and thought i was in love. As i texted i shared with Sir what was said and He smiled and said to me, “Those are good questions, now go stand in the corner.”

i just looked at Him, shocked and said, “Are you being serious right now?” i had no idea if He was or not because He’s always messing around and i hadn’t done anything to require a punishment. The other thing is He has never put me in the corner, so i didn’t even know if it was a punishment He would really use.

He looked at me, dead serious and said, “Are you questioning me? Go stand in the corner, sweet.”

i didn’t want to and i thought He was being ridiculous, so i just sat on the couch. Then i said, “We don’t have a corner free for me to stand in.” i thought i solved the problem, right? Ha!

“You can go stand in the corner by the front door or in the hallway.” He pointed at the corner between the two sofas, “Clean that corner out and climb back there…make a corner.”

“Sir, i don’t want to stand in the corner. Why are you doing this? i can’t believe you’re being serious.” i was actually letting my brat come out because i felt like He was treating me like a child.

He raised His eyebrow and shook His head, “It was a test of obedience, sweet, and you failed.”

I just looked at Him…bewildered. “Sir? i can’t believe You were being serious and felt the need to test me with that. You know i will do anything for You.”

This is where He got me. He brought the Bible into it and that works for me because Biblical submission is one of the major foundations for our dynamic, “It says in the Bible, sweet, that if you can be trusted with little then you can be trusted with much. If I can’t trust you to do this small request, how will I trust you to do the big things? You didn’t do as I asked, so there will be consequences.”

Ugh! Consequences! What the heck? And trust me with little? He told me to stand in the corner. i wanted to fight back and argue, but held my tongue. i didn’t understand why He did it, but there was no reason to push the issue and make my punishment worse. I just wish I had listened, not because of the punishment, but because I disappointed Him. I can handle any punishment. I’ve proven that. More than anything, I hate to disappoint Him. He assured me this particular infraction wasn’t worthy of the belt and He wouldn’t with hold His cum (It kills me when He does that), but He made it clear I would be punished.

Part of the torture was waiting for Him to decide what my consequences would be and when He would carry them out. The next day, we went to breakfast and as we sat waiting for our food, He looked across the table at me and His eyes darkened as He gazed at me and gave me “the look” (It’s the look that says, “You will cum right now, sweet, and you will not make a sound.”). He has been able to control my climax with “the look” and one simple commanding word, “Cum!” since our first night together. As time passes, He doesn’t even have to say the word, only look at me, with His black eyes, and nod. Do you know how difficult it is to do this and not make a sound? He did it 3 times, spaced out by about 3 or 5 minutes. i wiggled in my seat as the tingle grew more intense and the third time, I couldn’t keep from making noise…I totally moaned out loud. As i clapped my hand over my mouth, mortified, He grinned His sadistic grin and said, “Good girl, my sweet. THAT was your punishment.”


2 comments on “Disobedience and Consequences

  1. belovedahava says:

    I wonder if it is something in particular about standing in the corner. Once, Husband was trying to buy me a Christmas present, and I was happily oblivious, following him around like a puppy. He told me to stay, I said I wanted to come with him, we went back and forth and I could see his frustration and finally he very firmly said “go stand in a corner, now!” and I was completely shocked. I didn’t do it. He STILL laughs about the look on my face after that one.

    • His sweet says:

      Yeah, i don’t know what it is about the corner. If i had done something wrong, i would go to the corner, without a fight, but for Him to test me like that…i didn’t like it. When Sir read my blog today, He laughed, remembering the look on my face when i moaned out loud in the restaurant.

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