“Slow, Hot, & Sweaty” by JJ Grey and Mofro

The other night, Sir put this song on and moved close to my ear then whispered, “I want to make love to you. Slow, hot, and sweaty love.” He pressed His lips to my neck, worked his way along my jaw, and ended with a firm, yet tender kiss on my lips. Just hearing the song gets me hot, but add His words of desire and then His kiss, forget it. A tingle coursed through my body and goose bumps popped up all over my skin. A soft moan escaped my throat as my core lit on fire. i wanted Him right then, deep inside of me, but He wouldn’t give in to me.

He moved His lips down my neck and along my collar bone, lightly kissing me, leaving me wanting more. As He worked His way across my chest and over the curve of my breast, He took my nipple in His mouth and sucked gently, flicking it with His tongue. A tingle worked its way from where His tongue touched my skin, through my body, sending a jolt to my clit. i moaned again, louder this time.

His teasing, though enjoyable, was making me squirm and i wanted Him inside of me. i grabbed His face and tried guiding Him back up to my lips for the sole purpose of coaxing Him where i wanted Him, but He wouldn’t budge.

It’s getting too fast now, a little too brash now
Got to slow down baby, one thing at a time
Make a little friction, while we get the slick on
Breathing nice and heavy, you’re drawing me out

He kept moving down my belly, kissing as He went, and gently moved my hands away from His head making it clear He was in charge. i had no choice but lay back and enjoy what He chose to do. i closed my eyes and focused on His lips as He kissed over the top of my mound, down one side, and up the other. My heart thudded in my chest with anticipation as He spread my lips, revealing my pussy. i heard Him inhale deeply, taking in my scent just before he pressed His mouth against my clit, kissing it at first and then twirling His tongue around the hard button.

“Oh, God, Sir,” i moaned loudly. The rush of wetness and shiver that made my body quake indicated my level of arousal. i raised my hips slightly trying to give Him better access. His tongue licked and swirled around my clit making my legs quiver. i fought the urge to grab His head and press His face hard against me. Instead, i laid my head back, took a deep breath and released a big sigh. Grabbing my hips, He pulled me into His face, applied more pressure with His tongue, and moved His face back and forth, clearly enjoying my pussy and the pleasure He gave me. Warmth emanated from deep within. “Sir, please. I need You.”

He kissed my clit and then the inside of my right thigh followed by the inside of my left thigh. i shivered. The song still played in the background. “Slow hot and sweaty, turn it on. Slow hot and sweaty, baby let go.” God i wanted to let go, but not without Him inside. He slowly kissed His way back up my body, stopping at my breasts to tease my nipples, along my collar bone, up my neck, and finally He pressed His lips to mine. I smelled myself on His face and then tasted me on His lips. Another rush of wetness and my pussy dripped, ready for Him.

Reaching down, He guided His throbbing cock to my dripping and waiting hole. It didn’t take much, just a gentle nudge and He slipped inside of my hot, wet pussy deliberate with every movement and definitely in no hurry. Sliding in and out, He thrust in time to the music. “Slow hot and sweaty, slip it and slide. Slow hot and sweaty, can you feel it deep inside?” i closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure flowing from my center and then found my rhythm, matching His and i pressed my hips into Him. Our bodies synchronized, one complimenting the other as the intensity grew with each movement. He lowered His face to mine and covered my mouth in a passion-filled kiss, His tongue dancing with my own as we continued making love to the rhythm of the song.

Your skin is shining, can you feel me pining
For that little something, something, you always do
Ya sweet as a mango and steamy like the congo
Woman I can’t hold on much longer, hold on much longer

Slowly, i felt myself approaching the edge and fought every urge to rush. Instinct told me to pick up the pace and get there as soon as possible, but every little twist and thrust felt so good, i wasn’t ready for it to end. Sheer bliss doesn’t even begin to describe it. Then Sir moaned, His deep, guttural moan, and i could tell He was nearing His climax. He too fought the desire to pick up pace and rush. Instead, He kept the same steady rhythm. Occasionally, He thrust a little harder, penetrating deeper and giving me His entire length. i wrapped my arms and legs around His body, feeling myself ready to let go, and pulled His body tightly against mine. Locking gazes, we looked at each other, our breathing in sync and our bodies still mirroring the tempo of the music. His eyes were on fire, burning with lust and desire for me as we continued making love. The look on His face and in His eyes sent me reeling. To be looked at with such love, passion, and lust is to be treasured.

i teetered for a moment, ready to let it all go, but wanting it to last as long as possible. I could feel Sir getting closer as His breathing picked up and His grunts and groans grew louder with each thrust. One last kiss, maintaining eye contact the entire time, and He thrust harder, not faster, just harder. The pressure at my core became more than i could resist and my pussy tightened around His cock in quick spasms, “Oh God, Sir, i’m cumming!”

That was enough to push Him over the edge and He threw His head back and yelled, “AAHHH! Fuck yeah, sweet.” With that declaration, His cock exploded, releasing His hot cum inside of me. i kept my arms and legs wrapped around Him in a tight body hug as we recovered, Our bodies damp with sweat and pink with exertion.

The song was still playing, probably for the 5th or 6th time, maybe more. He rolled over onto the bed and turned off the song. i said, “Mmmm, baby. i like it slow, hot, and sweaty,” and moved over next to Him, nuzzling into His neck.

“I knew you would, my sweet,” He said, and then kissed my forehead.

*Lyrics copied from here.
i can honestly say this was another first for me. We never really increased our rhythm. We didn’t rush things. We just thoroughly enjoyed each other and every sensation our movement created. It’s amazing how being patient and taking your time can yield such awesome results. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Is there a song that gave you a similar experience or one you hope to experience in this way?


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