Good Morning, Sir

Waking up as Sir slides His throbbing cock into me is the best way to wake up…EVER!

I’ve told Him my body is His to use how He wants, when He wants and that includes the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, yet for some reason He still struggles with the idea of waking me up that way. “Sir, i want to get up with You in the morning. If i don’t hear Your alarm, please, wake me up in any way You desire. i love waking up with You kissing on me and trust me, i won’t complain if You decide to take advantage of my sleeping body. i promise i will respond and it’s an amazing way to wake up.” Those have been my words to Him on many occasions, yet He still wouldn’t do it. He waits for me to wake up and then He makes His move, or if I don’t wake up, He just lets me sleep. As a His sub, i feel it is my job to be up with Him to make His coffee and breakfast. On those mornings when He lets me sleep in, i feel like i’ve failed Him.

This morning, He finally did it. His alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. i didn’t hear it. i rarely do. The real plan is for us to wake up and go for a walk and i’m ashamed to admit, that has yet to happen. It’s mostly because He hits snooze a few times and then we fuck and it’s time for Him to go to work. I told Him, “Well some exercise is better than none. At least sex burns calories.”

I’m sure He hit the snooze button at least once, but all i remember is Him pressing against my body and kissing on my shoulder or whatever surface was easily accessible. It doesn’t matter where or what because it pulled me out of my dream and into reality. Barely. He rolled over, position Himself on top of me and i spread my legs without a second thought, allowing Him access to me. (We slept nude last night, so clothing was not an issue. It’s actually one of the perks of sleeping naked. Random midnight romps and morning sex are a piece of cake without having to fumble with clothes.) As i felt Him enter me, i sucked in my breath and let out a soft moan (It doesn’t matter how many times we do this, His cock always has the same affect on me.), raised my hips slightly to give Him a better angle, and He entered slowly at first, but soon thrust deep and hard. i wasn’t very wet at first, but just feeling Him slide in and out of me triggered my body’s natural response and before long i could actually hear His cock plunge into me.

Still dazed with sleep, i reached my hands back and grabbed the headboard for leverage as i matched His rhythm raising my pelvis to meet His. He kept driving into me as He reached up and moved my hands where He wanted them. He wished to see me in a position that simulated bondage. Not a single word was spoken, but i knew i was not to move my hands until He said i could, so I gripped the headboard and moaned in pleasure, enjoying His every move. After a few moments of this, He decided a change in position was necessary, so He moved to His back and ordered me on top of His cock.

Bleary-eyed, i pulled my sleep-weighted body up and positioned myself on His cock, guiding Him to my waiting wetness. Sliding down over Him, i rocked my hips back and forth, grinding against His pelvis and pleasure shot through my core like a bolt of lightning as pressed His hips up into me. A deep moan formed in His throat and He opened His mouth allowing it escape, filling the room with sounds of pleasure. i rode Him like this until He pushed me off and without Him saying a word, i got up on my hands and knees, presenting myself to Him. He moved behind me, i clenched myself tight in anticipation of His cock, and He grabbed my hips pulling me toward Him as He forcefully thrust His cock into me reaching my innermost places. i felt slight discomfort as my insides grew accustomed to Him pounding me with such vigor. Pleasure radiated from my wet hole, up to my clit, and throughout my entire body with my pounding heart seeming to match His rhythm as He aggressively fucked me.

Completely awake by now, my senses overwhelmed me as i became aware of every sensation…His cock stretching and filling me, the persistent tingle in my clit, the head of His cock caressing my engorged g-spot as He pulled all the way out then pushed back in. My skin tingled with excitement and the contrast between my body heat and the cool air from the fan. Hearing the sounds Sir made sent my pleasure into overdrive and it was only heightened by the smell of sex that filled the air. In this moment sex was a complete sensory experience for me, and for the first time in a long time, i was aware of every one of my senses as they inched me closer to the edge.

That’s when Sir decided to move, gradually so He stayed inside of me. i don’t know how we did it, but we ended up with Him on His back and me in a variation of the reverse cowgirl position. i pressed down on Him and He thrust up into me as we wiggled and maneuvered into the perfect position for deepest penetration and greatest pleasure. It wasn’t long before my body delighted in what He did to me because this is a position that rubs me in all the right places. i squeezed myself tightly around Him as he pushed in and released the muscles as He pulled out feeling the pressure at my core build. Soon, i had no control of the squeezing and i plummeted over the edge, moaning loudly just as He also gave one final hard thrust cumming inside of me. We laid there for a minute catching our breath…me playfully squeezing His sensitive cock while it was still inside of me. When i could move again, i found my place in His arms, kissed Him sweetly on the lips, and as I lay my head on His chest said, “Good morning, Sir. Now that was a wonderful way to wake up.”

Note: I know some of you may be thinking I totally make all this shit up. I’m not making any of it up unless I say specifically that it’s made up. I do use my “skill” as a writer to describe things a certain way, but everything I write pretty much happens the way I write it. Yes, Sir and I have simultaneous orgasms. I never thought it was possible and it never happened to me until Him. Yes, I can cum without touching myself. It’s one of the wonderful things about being aware of my own body and what it can do as well as having an amazing connection to an amazing lover. I’ve learned there is a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. Both are wonderful, but one is not necessary to have the other and when they happen at the same time…HOLY FUCK! Anyway, I just felt the need to address this because even I have a hard time believing what I write and I experience it firsthand.


3 comments on “Good Morning, Sir

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    I can also cum without touching myself, but only with my Sir’s voice growling in my ear…and I ADORE being woken up in the middle of the night by my Sir so I can tend to His needs…I can absolutely believe that what you’ve described happens…when I am fortunate enough to be with my Sir, I have my own fantastic, erotic experiences…happy for you that He woke up in the best way possible!!

    • His sweet says:

      Sir does the same for me. When He commands it of me…i can do it. It’s the most amazing thing. Thank you…it’s great to know someone else can totally understand me.

  2. jadr says:

    How did you come to be so aware of your body. My husband and I are exploring our sexualities and experiences. Being able to orgasm with touching myself would please both me and my husband.

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