Biting and Scratching…Oh Yeah!

Yesterday Sir and i spent most of the day in bed doing exactly what most of you think we did. Our physicality is such a major part of our connection, that we can’t seem to go a day without some sort of sexual play. Well that and i’m utterly insatiable.

After my tantrums last week and His help pulling me out of my funk, we discovered something new that we really like. i wrote about my emotional purge and how part of that purge was Sir’s primal instinct to bite me to show me He is boss and He is in charge. Though that wasn’t the only pain Sir inflicted, it is what stands out most in my mind because it was something new. He’s nibbled on me before and left marks on me, but nothing like this. i have bruises beginning to surface on my chest where He dug his teeth into me and chomped down and i’m thrilled to bear His marks on me.

i’m can’t really explain what it is about the biting that affected me, but i shared my pleasure with Sir and explained to Him how it made me feel. i told Him that sometimes i need Him to hurt me, not punish me necessarily, but assert His dominance to remind me of His control over me. The biting, growling, scratching, and display of raw strength does just that. Last night, while we settled down in bed after dinner, I whispered to Him, “Sir, i need You to hurt me again. Please.” He looked at me and chuckled. It was late and He needed to be up early for work. i knew what He was thinking. “Sir, we don’t have to have sex. You don’t even have to spank me. i just need to feel pain inflicted by You. i need to feel smaller than You right now.” He laughed again because we both know that 9 times out of 10, if He inflicts pain on me, we are going to end up fucking.

He started off slow, just nipping at my shoulders, then my neck. i just let Him have me, completely submissive to Him and prepared to take whatever He gave. He got a little rougher and bit hard into my neck causing me to cry out. It hurt, but i loved it which was evident by the growing wetness between my legs. At this point, i was completely passive to Him, and He could tell, but He also knows i have a “beast” inside of me, so He asked, “Aren’t You going to bite me?” With His permission to awaken my inner beast, i started responding to His bites with my own and also let out my claws. The connection between us sent me into a trance. It’s hard to describe, but i have no recollection of time or anything. i was only aware of Him and me. It was an amazing feeling to allow myself to be lost in Him, completely given over to my instincts and lust.

As i bit down on His neck, i felt my excitement building and i raked my fingernails down the length of His back. Pulling my mouth from His neck, i grabbed His ear lobe between my teeth then whispered, “What would You like me to do, Sir?”

He growled into my ear, “Fuck Me.” He still had on His boxers and i had on my panties. i couldn’t rip them off fast enough. Climbing on top of Him, i guided His cock into my dripping wet pussy as let the weight of my body pull me down on top of Him. i dug my fingers into His chest as i frantically rode His throbbing cock and He reached around my waist, digging His fingers into my ass cheeks. i felt no pain at all, only pleasure radiating from my core as i bounced up and down on Him. The sensation of His fingernails digging into my skin only enhanced the pleasure i felt. Leaning forward, careful to keep my pelvis pressed hard against His, i bit at His neck, His cheek, and then His lips. He grabbed my head and laced His fingers through my hair, pulling at it hard as He thrust His cock up inside of me.

i don’t know how it happened or when, but i found myself laying on my back and Him hovering above me, still nipping and biting at my chest and arms and neck. Without holding back, He thrust His cock hard me with such force i cried out. His desire for me emanated off of him and if there was pain, i didn’t feel it. Every sensation i felt registered in my brain as pure pleasure at this point. i wrapped my legs around His waist and my arms around His chest, under His arms. As He pounded me harder and faster, i dug my finger nails in His back and scratched from his spine out to His ribs. He kept fucking me and i kept scratching Him up and down His back. When He grew fatigued, His rhythm slowed down, but He still keep moving in and out of me. He took the slow down as an opportunity to inflict more pain and He lowered His face to my chest and taking my nipple in His mouth, He clamped down hard with His teeth. A rush of pain flooded over my and caused me to cry out, but soon it felt really good and i wished He hadn’t stopped when He did. Instinctively, i dug my fingers in His back again and scratched, harder than before. His moans of pleasure as He thrust in and out of me encouraged me to keep scratching, so i did.

i still have no idea how long this went on as we bit and scratched and fucked. He would bite me and i’d bite in response, but He would always bite a second time and harder. We were totally lost in ourselves. It was like we were transported to a different place and time. As we neared orgasm, our moans turned into growls. No words were spoken only screaming and growling as the pleasure built and our hips thrust frantically in the same rhythm, driving Him deeper and deeper. I came, hard, multiple times as He growled out the command and with my final wave of orgasm, He plunged deep within my depths and released His load with a powerful, guttural growl as His eyes appeared to glow in the dark.

We laid there for several minutes, Him collapsed on top of me as His cock, still inside of me softened. When He rolled over on His back, i moved next to Him and laid my head on His chest and nuzzled. If humans possessed the ability to purr, i would have been purring with contentment. After allowing Him to recover a moment, i whispered, “Sir, would You like me to clean off Your cock with my mouth?”

“Oh yes, please, my sweet.” So i did. i took it into my mouth licked it clean. He moaned slightly as He was still a tad sensitive, but i savored the taste of our cum on His cock. It’s something i will never forget and something i want to experience again. The taste of us is indescribable.

Never, in my life, have i experienced anything like this. It was pure, instinctual, raw sex. Not a lot of words were exchanged and there was a lot of hurting going on, but i didn’t feel any pain (until today). i asked Sir if it hurt Him when i scratched Him and He said no. i don’t know how it didn’t hurt because damn if His back wasn’t covered in scratches and some that even broke the skin slightly. The lesson i take from this experience is simple: pain is nonexistent when pleasure is present and raw, hardcore fucking is HOT! Ok, i already knew that, but this is an element of kink i hope Sir and i can keep in our bag of tricks. It’s intense, it allows Him to display His dominance, and it doesn’t require any fancy toys or implements. It’s pure, simple, and allows us to connect on a primal level.


9 comments on “Biting and Scratching…Oh Yeah!

  1. I look forward to experiencing something like this. All of my scratches land when I am not aware I am scratching. He has to show them to me afterwards.

    • His sweet says:

      It was really amazing. It was difficult for me to recount a lot of what happened. Like I said, we were completely lost in the moment. This post doesn’t do the experience justice, but I wrote what I remembered. He’s asked me to scratch Him before, but I’ve always been afraid to hurt Him. Last night, we both just let go and allowed our primal side to take over and now I want it again.

      One of the things I love about Sir is that He loves trying new things. We are very adventurous lovers and willing to try almost anything once. We always talk about the experience after…not right after because that just ruins the moment…if we liked it, then it gets filed away in the “keep” category. If we didn’t like it, we talk about what we can do different, if anything, then go from there. It’s great to have a relationship with someone to whom you can talk openly about sex.

      @ thedreamingsub You’ll have to tell me about it when you do experience it. 😉

      • Mmmm..when or if? I guess you never know. I like to fight back, but so far that urge has not been encouraged. We shall have to wait and see. It is a twirly world.

        When I think of “play” I often picture two young cats going at it with each other. Rolling around, scratching, biting, putting each other in a head lock and giving it some of the ol’ hind-leg. One of them always takes it too far and the other gets disgruntled and all flat eared about it. Then they both try to play it off by grooming. Alright, maybe that took a left turn after hind-leg, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  2. His sweet says:

    lol…yeah I get what you mean. It’s part of why He asked if I was gonna fight back. We had just been talking about how I’m very cat-like and discussing the nature of how cats “play.” I guess He wanted the challenge. Well one thing’s for sure. With me He has a challenge whether it’s in Primal Play or just our D/s dynamic. I’m not a pushover, that’s for sure and as I’ve shared with you all here, I can be a total brat/bitch at times.

    Have you ever been going at it, totally rough and go to kiss each other, but bonk teeth? It sucks…I swear one of these days we are gonna end up with chipped teeth.

  3. That was an awesome read. Thank you for sharing.

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