Me and My Big Mouth

Many of you will find humor in this, i’m sure and that’s ok because it is funny. It just goes to show you that i need to learn to control my mouth. I’m a sassy girl and i know it. Sir knows it too and He loves it. If i wasn’t, then W/we wouldn’t have an excuse for this kind of play. 🙂

Last night i posted, “A Good Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin’” and i figured Sir would enjoy it. He reads my blog regularly, but sometimes He likes for me to read it to Him, so He sat down next to me and i read.

He listened intently as i read and He laughed at all the right parts and made comments on others. He remembered that scene well. One thing i love about O/our relationship is W/we talk about EVERYTHING. It makes U/us better people in general, but most importantly is makes U/us better for each other because He can communicate His needs to me without fear of my reaction and i know i am free to do the same with Him…except for those times when i get sassy about it. That is what happened last night. He remembered one of the reasons the spanking during this scene was so painful is because, not only was He pushing me, but at one point the belt turned and instead of the widest, flat part hitting me, the thinnest side came down. It was like being hit with a stick or something hard, not something pliable like leather.

As He commented, i nodded, remembering and said, “That happened one other time too, i think. Maybe You need to work on Your technique.” What the hell was i thinking telling Him He needs to work on His technique? You know what that means, right? In order for Him to work on it, He needs to practice and for Him to practice, i get spanked. Ok…back to the strangeness of liking and not liking spankings. Most subs would be excited and on any other day, i would be, however, i was really tired and not in the right head space for a spanking. UGH!

He turned and looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and curled His lips into my favorite sadistic grin, “Work on my technique, huh? Maybe i do need to do just that.” My stomach dropped and the smile on my face faded as i realized what i’d just done. Not only had i disrespected Him by calling into question His ability to spank me, i pretty much guaranteed my ass would be blistered before going to sleep last night.

“But Sir…” i stammered.

“Continue reading, sweet,” he ordered. I hesitated and His patience grew thin. “Read!” His voice was forceful and commanded i obey, so i did.

“Yes, Sir.” My heart fluttered as i read the last words of my blog. He caressed my leg gently, such a contrast to what He was about to do to my ass.

His eyes immediately went from bright and sparkling to dark and cloudy, “Now it’s time to close the computer down and go work on My technique.” Fuck…He was going to do this whether i really wanted it or not.

“But, Sir, i really don’t want a spanking tonight.” Truth be told, i didn’t. i just wasn’t “in the mood” i guess you could say. He didn’t budge. He just kept looking at me, His brown eyes growing darker as He clenched His teeth causing His jaw to do that sexy thing i can’t describe. It’s amazing how His face can change so much in such a short time. Once second, He’s soft, sweet, almost child-like and the next he dark, hard like stone, and clearly dominant. Both are equally sexy to me, just in completely different ways. “Sir?” I pleaded with Him.

“Close the computer now, sweet. I’m going to go turn the lights out and when i get into the bedroom, i expect a bare ass in position ready to ‘work on my technique.’”

“Please, Sir. i was only playing around…”

“Sweet, you are very close to making this a discipline spanking. The choice is yours. Erotic spanking or discipline. Either way, you will be spanked tonight.”

Ugh. i REALLY did not want this and i have an out, but to use it now makes this type of relationship pointless. Besides, it would be disappointing to Sir, so i said, “It will be an erotic spanking, Sir.”

“Go get yourself ready. I’ll be in, in a minute.”

As i walked the short distance to our bedroom, i thought to myself, “Why the hell did you have to open your big mouth?” i stripped my clothes off and bent over the edge of the bed and waited. i heard Him come into the room and get His belt from the pants He wore earlier in the day. The clanking of the buckle and the “whooshing” sound it made coming out of the pants sent my heart into a frenzy as my anticipation built. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and waited.

First, He brought the belt down hard on the bed next to me causing me to jump. i have a sneaking suspicion Sir likes the startle factor. Then He did the same thing on the other side of me. We are definitely pushing boundaries now, so sometimes i don’t know if He is going to tease me a bit and get me used to the feel of the leather on my skin, or if He is just going to hit me. To my delight, He rubbed the belt across my ass first and playfully smacked at it. I could tell Sir was excited about spanking me because He came up behind me and pressed His stiff rod against my ass as He playfully smacked at it with the belt. Feeling His arousal flipped a switch in me and i wanted this now. i wanted to push myself for Him and i knew the reward would be well worth it. His first hits smacked against my skin like little leather kisses leaving a slight sting as my skin warmed up. Such a mixture of sensations going on: pleasure, pain, arousal, pain, then pleasure again. He brought it down a little harder, the belt making firm contact with my ass causing a loud “SMACK!” i always flinch and i hate that. i’m sure it’s just instinct and all (you know, that pesky thing called survival), but i really wish i could lay there and just take every lash like the last one and not flinch because flinching usually makes it worse.

“How’s my technique now, sweet? Do you think it’s any better?” He pulled back and brought the belt down again, hitting in the same spot as the last, and fuck it hurt, but i didn’t move.

“Yes, Sir.” I couldn’t see His face with mine buried in the bed and all, but i can imagine His look of satisfaction as He moved closer to me pressing His hard cock against my ass again. Backing away, He lifted the belt and brought it down across my upper thighs. It hurt like hell, but it was a welcome break from the lashing my ass took. Now He increased the amount of strength behind each lash. I didn’t count how many times He hit me last night, but however many it was, i pushed through the pain and found the release i needed when He finally brought the belt down across my ass at full power. I yelled out, “FUCK!” and lowered my face into the bed and cried. That one hurt…bad, but tt felt good all at the same time. It felt good to cry. It felt good to feel pain. It felt good to have Sir taking this aspect of our relationship seriously and asserting His dominance over me. It felt good to please Sir in submitting to His need to spank me.

Even with my tears, He didn’t stop spanking and i love that about Him. He pushed me to my limit and just beyond which in the long run will help me grow. i’m not sure how many more times He hit me, but last night i held my position the entire time, leaving my ass easily accessible for each progressive hit and that felt good. When He did stop and set His belt down, i breathed a sigh of relief and just lay there, my tears flowing. He caressed my reddened cheeks and marveled at the welts. i couldn’t wait to check them in the mirror. Finally, the embrace and comfort i so long for after a good spanking: His kiss on my warm face and gentle hands wiping away my tears. It’s yet another dichotomy in the world of BDSM and i love it. i love that W/we are walking, talking, breathing contradictions.

I said to Him, “You do realize that i REALLY didn’t want a spanking tonight, right?” He nodded. “Thank You for pushing me though. i am glad W/we did it and i think You knew i would be.” Again, He didn’t say a word, He just nodded. That was definitely a proper spanking and i can say that Sir’s technique most definitely improved. i asked Sir if we could please work on my pain tolerance because i want to be able to withstand more before reaching my limit. He promised W/we would and i can’t wait. Every opportunity i have to submit to Him is an opportunity i long for.

Oh, and i did get my reward, but that’s for another post. Let’s just say, it was good and totally worth the spanking. 😉


7 comments on “Me and My Big Mouth

  1. It sounded like the spanking was its own reward. And the lovin’ afterwards too.

    “How’s my technique now, sweet? Do you think it’s any better?”

    Don’t you hate it when irony bites you in the butt. (in your case, literally)

    • His sweet says:

      Yes, the spanking was reward in itself, but oh the lovin’ afterwards…YUMMY! My badge of honor in the bruises are like gold stars in grade school too! 🙂

      The problem i have is that i’m very opinionated and outspoken, but done at the wrong time can get me in trouble. Sir and i have talked about this a few times and i am getting much better at keeping my thoughts to myself or at least phrasing them in such a way that doesn’t seem disrespectful. The thing is, He’s told me over and over He doesn’t want me to change because there would be no fun if i was a pushover and that’s not what O/our relationship is about. He’s teaching me to be strong, yet mind my tongue. i love it.

      • I know exactly what you mean. Even when I am trying very, very hard to be good, something will slip out and I wish I could eat the words as they are hanging in the air in front of me. It’s hard for me to give feedback to my partner about our playtime together because he and I have a hard time communicating. I would say telling your lover he needs to work on his technique is a little harsh. Imagine if someone said that to you because you accidentally scraped your teeth on them while giving a blow job. I don’t mean to be critical of you. I guess because my husband is sensitive to stuff like that, I really try hard to think about how I am going to approach a topic with him. If I do blow up, it’s because I have told him that something is an issue for me 4 or 5 times over a couple of months and he won’t listen to me. I finally lose it and at that point I don’t care anymore how he feels about it, because he did not make an effort to care about my feelings. That sucks. We work through it most times.

        I think your Dominant was very gracious about everything and turned a negative comment into a positive experience for both of you. A good Dom will do that.

        Also, if you know you have a sharp tongue (like me) then it helps to change the way you say things. Like this…you said, “It will be an erotic spanking, Sir.” A better way would have been to say, “I prefer an erotic spanking.” He has offered you two choices and you have told him the one you would like. Ultimately, he should still make the final call on that, not you. Those are just my thoughts. It’s not about being inauthentic; it’s about learning to address him on a consistent basis that affirms his Dominance and control over you, for both him and yourself. You know those moments are going to happen when you speak out of line (accidentally or with intent). If it is always your habit to speak to him with deference, then you have a better chance of being allowed to speak your thoughts when they are in contrast to his own. You have a better chance of him listening to you and weighing your opinion, considering you. If your habit is to always spout of without thinking, then his habit will be to shut that down. Those are just my thoughts.

        I feel weird advising people on their relationships, so my advice is free. Free to take and free to leave. 🙂

      • His sweet says:

        You are absolutely right and most of the time, i do exactly as you have described. It’s important to know us in this context too. He is my Dom, absolutely, and ultimately all respect is given to Him. The thing is, we are jokesters and that comment really wasn’t a critique at all. I was truly joking because when all is said and done, if He wants to use the edge of the belt (God knows how He would manage it though), then He uses the edge of the belt. I’m not overly critical of how He chooses to spank me. i know He understands that i didn’t mean it as a critique of Him at all. In fact, i’m sure that’s why He was insistent on the spanking. Not just because i appeared to have “spouted off” at Him, but because something deep in me wanted a spanking last night. It’s all part of the dance. He leads, i follow, i step on His toes, He corrects me. I don’t know. It makes sense to me.

        In regards to the “It will be an erotic spanking, Sir.” That was in direct response to Him and i may have left this part out because it’s hard to get ever little detail, you know? He asked me, “What will it be?” It seemed natural to echo His question in my response.

        We are both learning as we go. He is a new Dom just as i am a new sub, so it’s all a learning and growing process for me. We have a very open communication style. We always have, so He will tell me when i’m out of line and really hurt His feelings or demeaned Him in some way. Usually, i feel bad, like you said, “I wish I could eat the words as they are hanging in the air in front of me,” but whatever i said didn’t even phase Him. i’ll apologize to Him and tell Him i realize i was out of line, and He will say something like, “Oh that. Really? You thought it upset me?” It’s odd. i am way harder on myself than He is, but i suppose that’s fairly common with submissive types.

        Anyway, i appreciate your feed back and no worries about the typos. They grate on my nerves sometimes too, but it’s the Internet and i’m getting used to it. haha

      • It sounds like you two have a good rapport. It’s nice when some of the formality of protocol is dropped to a comfortable level and you can speak to each other in a more direct manner. It shows a lot of a respect for you when he gives you the room to do that with him. When my Dominant (not the husband) allows me to tell Him the truth as I feel it, even though it might not be something He agrees with or wants to hear, it affirms why I trust Him so much. Even if I am wrong or I am mistaken or simply ignorant of the things I am speaking about, He will often still hear me out and let me work out my thoughts with Him. Not always though, which is good. Sometimes I over think things.

        I did not mean to be critical of you. I am the last person to criticize anyone. Believe me, I cringe when I think of some of the things I have said, but like the song goes, “With every mistake we must surely be learning…”

        I am hard on myself too. He is teaching me how to learn from my mistakes without becoming overly fixated on them. Dominants are the most wonderful, special beings that ever walked the earth.

      • His sweet says:

        I believe our relationship is this way because our status as a couple is the priority. D/s is a big part of us…in fact it is the majority of us, but sometimes it’s nonexistent. We were friends first and He wasn’t even remotely interested in the lifestyle. i mentioned it to Him as a topic of conversation and we discussed it, not as it would be relevant to us, but just a topic of discussion. He had a lot of preconceived notions about it and i did what i could to enlighten Him on most of them. As our relationship progressed from friendship to more than that, we started exploring bits and pieces. We have always agreed that the only way we can do this successfully is by remaining completely open and honest about how we are feeling.

        He came home for lunch and i shared your comment with Him about being harsh with choosing to say what i did about His technique. He chuckled and said, “I knew you weren’t being mean. I saw it as an invitation to spank you.” Which, in spite of me claiming to not want a spanking, is exactly what it was. It scares me how in tune with me He is. i suppose i’m the same way with Him too. We spend a lot of time in each other’s heads. 🙂

  2. Sorry about the many typos. I am distracted by studying and a three year old. I’ve been making an effort to be more aware of them, so it grates on me when I see a handful of mistakes all in one comment.

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