Sir Always Knows

This happened a couple of weeks ago and I actually wrote it on another site, but decided to move it over here. It is from the first time Sir withheld His cum from me as punishment. You’ll notice i have a problem being sassy. 😉

This morning as Sir and i lay in bed cuddling, He asked my, “Why isn’t your mouth on my cock already?” W/we had just awakened and my eyes were still blurry and i was very sleepy. My response? “But Sir, what if i’m too tired?” He wasn’t harsh with me. He didn’t remind me of my place and my mouth did eventually end up on His cock as i pleasured Him.

At one point, i pulled my mouth off of him and said, “Sir, i need you this morning. Please.” He got out of bed and motioned me into position at the edge of the bed to be taken from behind. He pressed into me and filled me with His beautiful cock. A soft moan emerged from my throat as a wave a pleasure and satisfaction washed over me. This continued for a moment then He moved me onto the bed and He climbed up behind me and pounded me, pushing me closer to orgasm. Sir is the only man to ever bring me to orgasm through intercourse alone. As i found release, i screamed out, “Oh Sir! Thank You!” I heard in His breathing and moans that He too was nearing His peak.

Just as i though He would release His hot load inside of me, He pulled out and stroked off the remainder, cumming on my ass. A wave of disappointment washed over me as i wondered why He did that. He knows how much i love to get His cum inside of me and how it makes me feel used when i don’t. I collapsed on the bed, any sense of pleasure i felt, completely gone. He said, “You wanted my cum inside of you, didn’t you?”

“Yes Sir. i always do, Sir,” i said, the disappointment obvious.

“Then perhaps you will remember that the next time you think about telling Me you’re ‘too tired’ won’t you.” i was shocked, and pleased, by his response. And He’s right, i will remember that and think twice. It is an honor to receive his cum inside my pussy, ass, or mouth, and the fact that He would rather come on me than in me because i was mouthy with Him is a far worse punishment than the belt. i can’t be angry with Him for it is His place to decide what happens. I can only work today to earn the privilege of receiving his cum again. He climbed off the bed and walked around to where my face was, as i lay limp, feeling dejected (completely unfulfilled) and my ass covered in his cum. He lifted my face, forcing me to look at Him and smiled His sadistically sweet smile, then kissed me before He headed off to the shower.

He amazes me more and more each day as W/we learn and grow together in this new lifestyle of ours. i was once told he would never make a good Dom because He is too “nice.” Well, the fact that He is nice is a good thing in my book, but He is just and fair and when the need arises, He does discipline me. i am grateful that He taught me a lesson this morning and i will always be ready to please Him in the morning, even if i’m “too tired.”

Thank You Sir for allowing me to love You and serve You. Thank You for always teaching me when i need to be taught. Thank You for giving me the privilege of being your domestic servant. I love You, Sir,


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