A Night without D/s

What exactly does it mean when a couple says they live the lifestyle 24/7? Well i guess the easy answer is no matter the time of day or the day of the week, they live it…24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Sir and i are, for all intents and purposes, 24/7 in our D/s relationship. i love it. It’s how i’m made and it’s what i want and i am so grateful that i found someone i trust enough to give all of that power. i trust Sir with my life and i know that He will always do what is best for me and for U/us. i would follow Him to the ends of the earth if He thought it’s what needed to be done. i do think, however, that each couple’s 24/7 is going to look different. Every relationship is unique and just because a couple is 24/7 doesn’t mean they are always in “kink” mode. In fact, for some, the sexual aspect may not even be prevalent at all, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t living it 24/7.

For Sir and me, O/our relationship is so much more than just D/s. W/we began this journey over a year ago and we started off as friends. We had no real intention of being involved because of the difficult circumstances surrounding our meeting. (This is something I’ve talked about or will talk about in other posts). As our friendship developed, we built an amazing foundation of trust and before long, we were on our way to developing a committed romantic relationship. Having a D/s relationship was a fleeting thought for U/us, but we never pursued it because it seemed impossible that W/we could even progress to that type of relationship. (Remember those difficult circumstances surrounding our relationship.) Well, it’s hard to ignore something that’s naturally there and before long, W/we started experimenting with it, slowly moving in the direction W/we wanted to go. It was all so new to U/us, so W/we made sure to maintain open communication and always talk about what W/we were thinking and feeling. W/we would have never made it to this aspect of O/our relationship if W/we hadn’t first built the foundation of ultimate trust. W/we are a loving romantic couple first and D/s second, but the two are so intertwined that W/we now can’t really have one without the other. The bottom line is this while W/we both love the kink, sometimes it’s nice to put away the toys and just be a couple. That doesn’t mean He isn’t my Dom during that time, or i’m not His sub. It just means that for that particular encounter, W/we set it aside. i suppose it would be akin to the vanilla relationship that occasionally incorporates kink to keep things fresh. W/we find the need to change things up a bit and go vanilla for the night! Of course if i mouth off or get stupid, He will call me on it and put me in my place because that’s just how it’s supposed to be.

What it does for me is it takes me back to the way W/we were when W/we first met in real. O/our first sexual encounters weren’t all that kinky. They were amazing and heartfelt like a love scene from a romantic comedy. W/we were two people making a real connection and sometimes, that’s what i need. Sometimes i don’t need my Sir “using” me or “hurting” me. Sometimes i need the Man that i’m in love with to make love to me. For U/us it’s not all about the belt, the bondage, the kneeling, and such. For U/us it’s so much more and occasionally W/we find value in stripping away all the other stuff so we can just enjoy each other’s bodies. Perhaps in this particular instance it would be best described as an act of mutual submission with Him submitting His body to me for my pleasure as i do mine to Him for His pleasure. Does that make sense?

The whole point in me bringing this up is that W/we had a night like this the other night and it was amazingly beautiful. For the first time in months, W/we were just a couple, very much in love, enjoying each other and taking pleasure in each other’s bodies. Nothing felt rushed or hurried, but instead was very slow and deliberate. It’s during times like these that missionary is my favorite position because it allows me to kiss Him as W/we make love as well as wrap my arms and legs around Him in a full body hug, O/our two bodies pressed tightly together making it nearly impossible to see where one of U/us ends and the O/other begins. Occasionally I’ll move my feet down to His ass and use them to pull Him deeper into me trying to get as much of Him in me as possible. Sir is the only Man who has ever brought me to orgasm through intercourse alone and even without the spanking and rough play, i’m able to climax with Him. This night was no different. In fact, it was probably one of the most intense orgasmic experiences either of U/us has had in awhile. i’m not sure why that is because like i said, W/we love our kink, but maybe it was because of the change of pace or maybe it was because W/we reconnected in a way that W/we haven’t in awhile.

i just think that for a couple like Sir and me, it’s important to take a break from the routine of D/s and sometimes take a moment to connect on a different level. Since the foundation of O/our relationship is steeped in romance, it’s necessary to go back to those romantic roots to keep things fresh. Trust me though; this isn’t a regular thing for U/us. In fact, in my daily email to Sir, i asked Him if we could play hard tonight. W/we haven’t had a good training session in awhile and i’m in serious need of some learning. A night of vanilla lovemaking might be nice every once in awhile, but for this kinky sub, i would rather take a whipping with the belt and have rough sex anytime. 😉


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