An Introduction

i was never one who thought much about blogging, but in recent months i’ve decided i want to write more and instead of trying to write a novel and be published, i thought perhaps digital media was a good place for me to start. Who knows, maybe all this writing will someday result in a book, but for now it will just be my thoughts as i journey further into submission to Sir.

The primary purpose of my blog will be as the title indicates, to trace my personal journey into submission as i’ve discovered BDSM and found the Man to whom i can fully devote myself. It will begin in my previous life and continue through now. i will use it to document my accomplishments as well as failures and to keep track of my feelings as i grow and learn.  As i become more familiar with the lifestyle and what it means to me, this will hopefully become a resource for others entering the lifestyle the way so many blogs and personal journeys have been for me.


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